Friday, November 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Living in the B&B above Professor Campisi's clinic is a real treat; its comfortable, and there are others who share the same leg/arm maladies. Each person gets a private bathroom and there is a kitchen where I can cook my lunch and dinner with the other guests. My breakfast is ready every morning at around 8:30 and Maria, the B&B boss, has a good sense of humor. Today for instance she performed an impromptu  sashay in front of the French doors. But more about that later...

We are located on the fourth floor of one office building. In another building, but conveniently directly across from our breakfast table, is an office which  takes up the fourth floor in that building. Melissa and I don't watch television because all the stations are in Italian; though come to think of it, I could probably watch Animal Planet. But I digress, back to the office across the street—our own personal live reality show. We tune in every morning about 9:00

Today 'L'ufficio' (The Office) was really interesting. Well, compared to other days when the employees just sit at their desks and look at computers. So today, the man from window 1 darted over to the man from window 2 where an animated discussion took place. I wish I could read lips or at least had a pair of binoculars because they chatted for a long time. This in itself was unusual. All of a sudden they both ran out of the room. Was there a fire? Perhaps someone left the espresso on the stove for too long? We are desperate to know what is going on. (Like I said, we don't have much action around the homestead...)
But hold on, a new cast member has joined 'L'ufficio.' I must have been looking down at the woman who has the lemon tree on her balcony because when I looked up again I only caught a glimpse of the back of the new cast member in shiny cowboy rain-boots. Intriguing. We guess she will become a key player in future episodes. Then Maria, the boss of the B&B, performs her own little show for 'The Office' on the fourth floor. Luckily the cast of 'L'ufficio' are absent so we are the only ones to witness her show and I must say it was very entertaining. Hip gyrations included. It doesn't take much to get a chuckle around here. 
Tune in tomorrow for another exciting show of 'L'ufficio'.

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