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Anonymous said...

Would you have the microsurgery again? Are the results good?
Are you able to go wtihout compression stockings? There are Doctors in the USA who now do the surgery. Do you think it would be wiser to go to Italy?
Money is always a big factor and tme.

Kel Bel said...

Who in the US is doing it??

Anonymous said...

I too would like to know if there are Doctors in the U.S. who do this? Would it be wise to go to surgeons in the U.S. Is the surgery worth doing? I really would like to know these answers.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog today & have been researching options for lymphadems surgery for legs.

Are there answers posted to the questions already here?

There is a place in NYC that I found that does lymph node transfer(transplant)Dr. Dayan at Beth Israel Hospital.

thanks for your info so far.

shawn underwood said...

Hi there,

I'm only familiar with Professor Campisi's surgery which is different than surgery performed in the U.S.

I'm happy to answer questions about his surgeries.

I'm doing well after my surgery and am so happy I had it done.

Anonymous said...

You told that it took about 4 weeks in Italy. Is all done in all, no Return for control or anything? Do you not need to use conpression-stockings any more? How mutch better is Your swelling after Your surgery and after the 6 month? Hope Your will keep on telling us how Things are going.

Dorina said...


My name is Dorina. I live in Romania, a country from Europe (1.300 km to Italy). I have lymphedema since 1990. Recently I read that Professor Corradino Campisi is a very good doctor. I would like to now if you are ok after surgery and the results are good. What was the cost of the surgery? What kind of health insurance you had? I would like to know how big was your leg before and after surgery.

Thanks in advance! and sorry for my broken english.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I'm also a sufferer of Lymphedema and I live in Australia. The information on your blog sounds very promising. What is your rough estimate of the cost related with this procedure for an international patient?
Thanks in advance.

Shawn Underwood said...

Hi there,

This is Shawn, blog author.

I'm sorry I haven't checked into this blog more often. I see there are some questions.

I actually met a patient from Australia who also had surgery with Prof Campisi. She is doing quite well and her leg is much improved, as is mine.

Before I had surgery my left leg was completely swollen. The calf was mostly hard. Swelling did not go down with elevating or compression pump or stockings. My pants did not fit. AT ALL.

After TWO surgeries, my leg is mostly normal though I STILL wear stockings.. I could probably get away with not wearing stockings but I prefer a stocking (though not so much in the summer)

I have been to Italy about 6 or 7 times. Mostly for follow up and once for an additional surgery for liposuction in my calf. Most people return for a 6 mo follow up and then once a year for at least 3 years.

I;ll check into this blog more often.

Wishing you all the best. There honestly is hope and I would highly recommend surgery. I honestly would be crippled if I had not had surgery.

Geraldine said...

I have suffered from lymphedema for many years and just foung this blog really need to have the surgery done am glad to hear your success I am
Geraldine in Philadelphia

Need to see a vascular person here as first step to knowing the severity level I fit

RACHEL said...

Hi, Am Rachel from Tanzania and i have a primary lymphedema on my right leg, wearing compressional stockings have been a burden and also they are not helping that much. Am so happy to hear that there is a surgery procedure that helps more.
What is your rough estimate of the cost related with this procedure for an international patient?
I would really appreciate your reply.

Thanks in advance

Shawn Underwood said...

Hi Rachel,
I would contact Melissa at the clinic. The address is above but as I recall the rough estimate of surgery from Prof Campisi was 60,000 US dollars. This would include airfare/hospitalization and surgery.
You can contact me if you want.

Shawn Underwood said...

As to all the above questions. YES I would have the surgery again. The major difference being that I no longer feel as though I'm carrying a water-logged leg around. My leg is not longer heavy and is slowly but surely getting skinnier. I continue to wear compression stocking on one leg and continue to do lymphatic therapy also.
I do see a Dr. in the USA also. His name is Dr. Stanley Rockson. He practices at Stanford University. He is simply marvelous and has been extremely helpful in the issues that Prof Campisi missed.